A3s Enviro Waste Water Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Process:

Industrial wastewater (effluent) is treated in a number of ways; the level of treatment decides which is appropriate. Basically, there are four steps: Preliminary, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

A3S Enviro providing Packaged ETP with below Process:

Preliminary Treatment: Screening, grit and oil removal are done at the preliminary treatment process.

Primary Treatment: Primary treatment involves removal of suspended solids up to 50% and reducing BOD level-up to 30%.

Secondary Treatment: This is sometimes referred to as Biological Treatment. Through biological processes, dissolved and suspended organic wastes are converted to more stable solids and removed by settling.

Tertiary Treatment: It is the final stage which involves physical, chemical and biological processes to remove residual suspended solids and dissolved solids.

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Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)

Specially designed for industrial estates and SEZs, where the establishment of the individual effluent treatment facility is not possible; the concept of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) comes into effect. It is a kind of waste management, where small and medium-sized industries jointly treat their wastewater affordably by installing such an Effluent Treatment Plant, which is common for every unit. Installation of ETP for single manufacturing unit is not possible due to budget problem and limited area allotment to each unit; therefore, a CETP is the best option which not only protects water environment but also divides the investment and operational costs. Wastewater pipelines from every manufacturing unit are connected to the CETP for treatment.

We design, manufacture, erect and commission effluent treatment plant (ETP) for industrial and commercial units at an economical price. Civil and allied works are optional and can also be done if required by the client. The completed plant is handed over to the client after conducting successful performance and acceptance tests. Through training is also provided to the operators of ETP. If required, we also provide our own operators at the client’s site for the operation and maintenance of the effluent treatment plant.

Sewage Treatment Plant (CETP)

Sewage treatment or domestic wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents) and domestic. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. Its objective is, to produce an environmentally-safe fluid waste stream (or treated effluent) and solid waste (or treated sludge) suitable for disposal or reuse (usually as farm fertilizer).

A3S Enviro using advanced technology it is now possible to re-use sewage effluent for drinking water, nevertheless, Singapore is the only country to implement such technology on an invention scale in its production of new water.

Sewage treatment generally involves three stages, called primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.
A3S Enviro & Consultants are offering wide Range of STP Plant in Below Technology :

  • MBBR/FBBR/FAB- Moving Bed Bio Reactor
  • SBR/ASBR – Sequential batch reactor(conventional/Advance)
  • MBR  – Membrane Bio Reactor
  • CWT – constructed wetland Technology
  • SAFF (Submerged Aerobic Fixed Films )
  • UASB- up flow aerobic sludge blanket
  • ASP/Extended Aeration
  • MishiTEK/ FAST
  • Anaerobic digesters
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