A3s Enviro Tube Deck Media

Tube Media – Fenton



  • Tube Settler Media Design mostly used .
  • Easily Transport & Relocate
  • Wide tongue and groove mechanism causes minimum fuss during site assembly
  • High specific settling area provided
  • Needs a bottom support structure
Property Value
Model No. FW-TS100
MOC Virgin PVC, UV Stabilized
Shape Chevron – Unequal Hexagon
Fitting Tongue and groove
Thickness 1mm +/- 0.1mm
Plan Settling Area (at 60 degrees slope) 11 m2/m3
Plan Settling Area (at 55 degrees slope) 13 m2/m3
Cross sectional area 120mm x 44mm
Hydraulic Radius 1.5 cm
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 55° C
Storage away from direct sunlight
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