The main cause for the generation of effluent in the textile industry is due to the usage of the huge volume of water either in the actual chemical processing or during re-processing in preparatory, dyeing, and in the printing & finishing part. We provide advanced technology for wastewater treatment process in many textile manufacturing industries ensuring zero liquid discharge thus safeguarding the environment in an effective way.

For the textile industry clean water is a strong need. It is used in many processes in textile manufacturing and if ignored, it may affect quality, performance and cost of production. During production processes (dyeing and finishing) water needs to be treated from cotton stuff, colour, oil and chemicals etc; therefore, an effective wastewater treatment program is mandatory to implement for every textile unit and our company is committed to providing full-service water treatment solutions for textile and dyeing industries all over India and overseas.

Effluent Treatment:

A number of dyes, chemicals, bleaches and detergents are used in textile units that generate a substantial quantity of toxic effluents. Some chemicals are non-biodegradable which means higher BOD and COD. The quality of these materials is not suitable for further use and can cause many environmental issues; hence, there is a requirement of proper treatment of these effluents before disposing of. Bionics Advanced Filtration offers superior treatment methods, such as membrane filtration (Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration), which is most suitable among other treatment methods and provides better scope for recovery and re-use of water.

The size and capacity of the effluent treatment plant (etp) are based on the unit size and quantity of effluents generated. A3S Enviro offers full-service installation of ETP anywhere in India. A3S enviro just introduced the “MISHITEK ” Packaged System in Indian Market .which reduce Opex & Capex. Easy to use, easy to install Anywhere.

What We Do:

  • Water Clarification
  • Water Softening
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Waste WaterTreatment & Recycling-Etp
  • Zero Discharge System
  • Colour Removal
  • Salt Recovery
Effluent Treatment
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