A3S Enviro Private Limited SEBRA (Sequential Batch Reactor)

A3S Enviro is Developing Advance Technology based Sewage Treatment Plant After extensive research with Oxidation Technology which makes it innovative, Compact.


SBR Reactor has five steps of operation:

    • Fill
    • Aeration
    • Settling
    • Decanting (removal of clear treated liquid from top)
    • Idle

Decanter assembly is something that makes SBR special. Decanter is a floating block (SS hollow vacuum inside or PP/PVC floats) which is always floating at top of liquid level on one side of reactor tank.

This float block decanter assembly is kept in vertical alignment by guide pipes. The floating block also has collection slots/weirs thru which the clear & treated liquid gets collected & is funneled by a flexible pipe which connects to reactor outlet point.

The reactor outlet nozzle has auto butterfly valve. After Aeration & Settling, this outlet valve is opened automatically. As the liquid starts coming out (level starts dropping) from Decanter assembly, the Float block starts coming down. After it comes @ 1.5 mtr down, the decantation from the reactor is stopped.
The Decanted liquid is then either disposed of or filtered further if it is to be reused.

A3S Enviro is a leading Manufacturer  of SBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant. Our Advance SBR system Available in Fenton Range – SEBRA .

A3S Enviro Manufacturing advance Technology based SBR Plant in Rajasthan which is very different from conventional STP, we are Offering SBR based Packaged system with Oxidation Technology. We are Deliver System & Service in Delhi, Patna, Indore, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Nasik, Lucknow.

PLC based SBR STP Plant
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