STP Plant for Hospitals

Sewage Treatment Plant – Hospitals Waste Water

Sewage Treatment Plant (Hospitals)

Now a days govt. of India is very concern about pollution Water or Air .
As per PCB Guideline all small Hospitals like more than 10 beds require to set up a Small STP plant & Reuse of Water .

for Small hospitals (10-20) bed . Hospitals have big Problem now with Space , Plant Cost, Operation process . Due to small Hospital Set up they don’t have to big Land Space or amount in lacs.

A3S Enviro Produly launch to Small Packaged CSTP Plant which will work for Lab., Laundry, Domestic Sewage together .

Combined Sewage Treatment Plant – CSTP for Hospital Waste Water .

Hospital Waste Water is not easy to Treat with only installing STP Plant .

you have to install ETP Plant also for treating Laboratory waste water, Laundry , Canteen , Blood Particles, Pathogens, Bacteria , virus , etc. but due to Hospital dont have Separate Sewage Lines & Space to put both Plants. it also impact huge Capital & operating Cost for installation .

A3S Enviro Proudly to share that we have launched Combined Sewage Plant in 2015 with low Operating & Capital cost .

  • No need to do Separate Lines .
  • No need to install 2 type of Plant .
  • No need to bothered about energy cost .
  • Reduce chemical cost .
  • Low Manpower Cost .
  • less Footprint .
  • Less Energy Cost .
  • Less Sludge Generation .
  • Less Operating cost .
  • No Odour(Smell Free) water .

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