Water & Waste water Treatment Plants Consultants India

A3S Enviro & Consultants are pioneers in designing different types of  Water & Wastewater treatment plants. The immense experience gained by designing, planning, construction, operation and management of these plants have helped us to set a high standard and implement sophisticated and efficient waste water treatment technologies for our clients.

We water treatment company design and help in the construction of all kinds of water treatment plants including :

  • Sewage treatment plants, Effluent treatment plants,
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants, Packaged waste water treatment systems,
  • drinking water treatment plants, Ozone water treatment systems,
  • Raw water treatment plants, reverse osmosis water treatment etc.

We have effectively designed, engineered and commissioned Wastewater treatment plants for various industries like sugar, solvent  and oil extraction, pesticide industries, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries; chemical and mining industries, to mention a few.

Wastewater Treatment Plants – The Parameters in mind before Designing and Setting Up

The process in which the waste water is treated differs with the kind of pollutants in it. It is advisable therefore to analyze the water to be treated to establish its treat ability before a treatment plant is designed and also the water quality expected and the standard set by different regulatory bodies differ. We at A3S keep all the parameters in mind before designing and setting up a waste water treatment plant.

We aim at achieving a sustained increased flow rate and optimum COD/BOD levels. Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in designing water treatment plants with the latest and appropriate technologies.  where we determine the procedures required to treat wide variety of effluents. We customize the water treatment plants to our client’s requirements and also optimize the treatment procedures employed. Our waste water treatment plants are long lasting, technically sound and have equipment of superior quality.

Company Profile

A3S Enviro& Consultant is a Water & Waste Water Consulting company. We have over 10 years of experience and a Pan India client base. Our services include

  • Water Treatment Plant – Design, Supply, Audit, Report .
  • Wastewater treatment plant design, construction management, commissioning, operation and maintenance
  • Environmental services like Environmental impact assessment Studies,
  • water supply and network,
  • environmental management plan,
  • Environmental audit and sewerage schemes for townships;

we also offer turnkey services, Project engineering ,consultancy design services, equipment supply and take up operation and maintenance contracts. We, water Treatment Company have successfully worked on wide range of projects for different industries. We believe in providing the best services for our clients without compromising on the quality, keeping the time frame and budget in mind.

Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant Design Require ?

Each water purification plant is unique. During design, many factors must be considered.

  • What is the quality of the source water and where is it located?
  • What is the final use of the water?
  • Is a drinking water plant being designed or is the water treatment plant designed only for irrigation of food crops?
  • How many customers will the water treatment plant serve?
  • These questions only touch the surface of information required as part of the design process.

Wastewater treatment plant design incorporates all of the engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, structural, geotechnical, hydraulic and many other specialties.

These are complex projects requiring high levels of engineering expertise.