RO Membrane Conditioner
Trouble-free operation of a Reverse Osmosis plant is critical because the membranes often tend to get scaling; fouling and other organic deposits damage the membranes and reduce efficiency of the RO System. In order to keep the membranes free from fouling and scaling, membranes have to be regularly cleaned and preserved. In addition, necessary scale inhibitors and dispersants should be used to avoid scaling of the membranes during regular operation.

We manufacture various range of Mishicam- membrane cleaning chemicals and pre-treatment chemicals for Reverse Osmosis membranes. We also offer MishiCam range of membrane cleaning and preservative solutions, online scale inhibitors, dispersants for feed water conditioning and regular maintenance of RO Systems.
MishiCam 301 (RO Membrane Antiscalant)
MishiCam 301 is a specifically formulated antiscalant for conditioning feed water to reverse osmosis system. It is effectively used in Reverse Osmosis pre-treatment for sequestering and dispersing the scale forming minerals.

Sewage Treatment Chemicals
MishiCam 903 chemicals can reduce the COD and suspended solids. It is possible to adjust the percentage removal of COD and suspended solids by altering the chemical dosage. This way it improves in the economical use of the chemicals because the dosage need can be handled well to remove the required amount of COD. The recommended chemicals include,
Bio Cultures
Bio Nutrients
Bio Polymers
Bio Sludge De-Watering Aid

MishiCam 903

Boilers & Cooling Tower
MishiCam 1103 (Boiler – Antiscalant & Corrosion inhibitor)
MishiCam 1103 is a tri-functional liquid product formulation containing adequate phosphate residual.
MishiCam 1103 inhibits scale formation inside the boiler due to calcium carbonate & magnesium carbonate etc. The product provides adequate phosphate residual and organic sludge conditioner to disperse any phosphate sludge generated inside the boiler water and also inhibits the corrosion that forms protective micro-thin film within the boiler to prevent direct contact of the metal with the dissolved oxygen.
MishiCam 1103 is generally dosed 10PPM for low & medium pressure boiler. Dosage also varies according to the water parameters, operating pressures and condensate returns.
MishiCam 1103 prolongs boiler tubes & protects from scales & corrosion.
MishiCam 1103 is available in 5/10/20/50/100 kg HDPE containers.