A3S Enviro  cater to a variety of Reverse Osmosis plants to meet individual and industrial requirements and are backed by the world’s leading membrane manufacturers like Hydranautics-USA and GE,DOW, Toray, Koch.

The heart of the reverse osmosis system is the “membranes”. We realize the importance of this and strictly design all our systems as per the guidelines of the membrane manufacturers. All Reverse Osmosis systems are designed utilizing the latest generation spiral wound thin film composite polyamide membranes. These membranes have extremely high resistance to fouling and offer the best energy savings achievable globally.

The Reverse Osmosis units are designed in a compact skid with easy access to monitor check points and sample valves. These features come from the extensive field experience that we have in operating and maintaining the plants in over 6 countries. The standard systems are offered with the manual option and field instruments to monitor the performance and necessary safety interlocks to protect the membranes.

Advanced automation packages with the basic version starting from a PLC based control with auto flushing, with an upgrade to a DCS – SCADA based control with real time logging and provision for either a wired or a remote communication to other locations. Our automation packages are user-friendly and flexible with respect to data access and data logging. Adequate security features with supervisory control with access codes are also provided.
A typical packaged system comprises of
10 Micron Cartridge Pre Filter
Flow Switch
Pressure Booster Pump
Membrane Modules
Reject Control Valves
Tubing And Fittings
Permeate Flow Indicator
Pressure Gauges
Automatic ORP Dump Valve Control

Optional Upgrade packages include
Feed Pump
Pre-Treatment Filter
Chemical Dosing Systems
Auto Flushing
Micro PLC Based Controller
CIP System With Cartridge Pre Filter

Industrial RO Units   img_20150401_155331
We offer industrial models to meet the brackish water treatment requirement of the industries. The industrial units are constructed based on a process expertise and field experience that we possess backed by leading membrane manufacturers like Hydranautics and Toray.
Industrial units are custom-made to meet a variety of applications to suit individual customers. Precise engineering helps to produce RO systems that are efficient and dependable for years. All industrial units utilize the state-of-the-art latest generation thin film composite polyamide membranes.
The Reverse Osmosis block is built as a compact and rugged skid with aesthetic piping. As an option we supply stainless steel / FRP housing for the membranes. The piping for the RO systems is available in normal SS 304 / SS 316 to higher versions like electro-polished stainless steel for specific applications. The basic versions are offered with manual option with online monitoring instrumentation with all safety interlocks, and a completely pre-wired control panel and an electrical switch gear panel.
The basic versions can be easily upgraded to a high level of automation with either a PLC based control system or SCADA based control system with real time monitoring.
Sea Water Desalination
We offer Sea water desalination reverse osmosis plants for production of low TDS permeate from sea water. The sea water desalination units are constructed based on a process expertise and an on-field experience we own backed by leading membrane manufacturers like Hydranautics and Toray.
The desalination units are custom-made in combination with a site specific pre-treatment and sea intake system. The pre-treatment section is designed based on the input sea water quality and ensures that the right quality of sea water is provided as feed to the RO at all times.
Typical pretreatment system envisage
Disinfection At Intake Point
Coagulation Settling

industrial-ro-plant-copy reverse-osmosis2 compact-ro-plant commercial-ro-plant a3s enviro ro plant   img_1062-copy