Hospitals are considered one of the largest consumers of water. Used in drinking, washing and general medical applications, water is integral part of every hospital and healthcare facility. It is mandatory for a hospital to treat the water in correct manner, following environmental guidelines and meeting all relevant standards in order to put positive impact on health and safety of patients, staff and other people around.

ETP Plant For Hospital Waste Water

Hospitals discharge lots of waste water that contains different kinds of wastes including antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses and may be prions. If this water is not treated adequately, the sewage will come directly in contact with ground water and contaminate, making it hazardous to human health and environment (air, soil and water). By understanding the complications associated with the treatment of hospital wastewater, we design and install effluent treatment plant to treat this discharge wastewater in full compliance with the environmental and other regularities.

A3S offer modernized, customized plants with very high level of operational reliability, guaranteeing optimized energy consumption. MISHITEK System Range is Beneficial for clients which having below Benefits
Reduce sludge generation upto 70%.
Easy to install & Move .
Combo of bio-remedial & MBBR process.
Reduce bOD upto 95%
Less Footprint