Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment – STP 

 A3S Enviro Modular FAST provides end-users a proven solution to potentially unsightly, noisy and odorous problems associated with some wastewater treatment systems. Using  FAST process (an acronym for Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment), Modular FAST is a fixed-film, aerated system utilizing the principles of attached and suspended growth with the ability to nitrify/denitrify.

Able to be installed below or above grade, Modular FAST offers high-quality treated wastewater and preserves the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. The attached growth facilitated by the FAST media ensures a high level of continuous treatment even with wide variations in flows. The result is clean and odorless effluent.

Modular FAST Advantages

  • Flexible Application  -: Designed for replacing existing septic or new on-site systems in municipal, private development and industrial process wastewater applications for superior BOD/TSS removal and nitrification/denitrification. fully submerged, stationary media, therefore a sufficient population is consistently preserved in the aeration tank to metabolize the waste. Continual bacterial growth ensures a high level of treated effluent. For BOD removal, the system can function adequately with two weeks of no flow . Low Operation and Maintenance
  • High Level of Bacterial Concentration : “Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment” maintains a high level of bacteria in the aeration zone, which provides stable operation, breaks down biodegradable constituents in the wastewater, and prevents bulking conditions and settling problems. Smaller required tank sizes for the same application is a cost-benefit passed onto the user.
  • Long Sludge Age : With high bacterial concentration, Modular MishiTEK FAST boasts a significantly longer sludge age than conventional plants. A long sludge age achieves nitrification and denitrification much easier, operates more effectively in cold climates, and less sludge is produced part: the air blower, which is placed above or below the ground in a convenient and remote location. Because the plant is self-regulating, no daily operation & maintenance is necessary.
  • High Quality Effluent : High quality effluent from Modular FAST extends leach field life (because of the low solids carry-over) and can minimize the leach field land area required. Its clear effluent also makes the system ideal for pretreatment to aeration ponds, lagoons and constructed wetlands. No clarifier is required for subsurface discharge applications.
  • High Resistance to Hydraulic and Organic Shock Loads : Because the bacteria are attached to the FAST media in the aeration zone, the system prevents washout of bacteria, enabling Modular FAST to endure peak or spike flow conditions.
  • Low Energy Requirements   
  •  The Modular FAST system contains no pumps or filters to clean or replace. It contains only one moving.   Modular FAST systems contain only one moving part that requires electricity: the air blower

Application of  FAST System                                      STP Advance Technology Based

Municipal Applications                                                     Industrial Applications

  • Schools and Universities                                                       Food and Beverage
  • Housing Developments                                                         Wineries
  • Office Parks                                                                              Groundwater cleanup
  • Resorts and Hotels                                                                 Petrochemical/Chemical
  • Botanical Gardens                                                                  Aerobic Polishing
  • Shopping Centers                                                                   Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurants
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks/Campgrounds
  • Municipalities