A3S Enviro  offer technology to handle the final concentrated effluent generated from any recycling system. The technology adopted is specific to the nature and quantity of effluent is to be handled.


Forced Evaporation systems
This system operates based on a combination of the relative humidity present in the air and solar heat. The waste water to be treated is evaporated in a three-stage process. The first stage involves spraying the water in the air by utilizing specially designed nozzles which produce a fine aerosol. This helps in maximum absorption of heat and increase the evaporation of water. The concentrate from this stage is taken to crystallization pans from where the crystallized salt is recovered.


         Typical evaporator options available are;

  • Mechanical Vapor Re compression
  • Boiler Steam Based Evaporators 
  • Agitator Based Evaporators 
  • Mishitek Evaporators 
  • Mechanical Evaporators 
  • Vacuum Based Multistage Stage Falling Film Type Evaporators 
  • Multiple Effect Evaporation Plants

Root Zone Treatment
In specific cases where dissolved solids are low and effluent needs to be disposed, Root Zone base treatment offers solution, which involves cultivation of specific grass based vegetation that is capable of high water and organic absorption.

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